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What Pool or Spa best suits you? Take the SPASA test.


Getting a pool or spa is a huge decision, where one style does not fit all. Your pool needs to cater to your needs, the size and shape of your backyard as well as your family. 

No need to fear, SPASA WA has developed the ultimate guide to help you choose the best pool for you.

The Avid Swimmer - Lap Pool

For the person who loves to swim, you cannot go past the lap pool for access to your daily laps, from the comfort of your backyard. The best part? No entry fee and swimming at your own pace guaranteed! Of course, the lap pool also requires a fair amount of space, making it a pool type for those who have some extra length to spare.  


The Lounger - Infinity Pool

For those who love the luxurious lifestyle and want a resort-style feel in their own backyard, the Infinity Pool is just the style for you. If you have some elevation on the property, or the ability to build it in, this is a fantastic option for those who love to lounge and take a dip with a view. 

The Courtyard Solution- Plunge Pool

Able to fit in just about any space, the Plunge Pool is a fantastic option for those who may not have the room for a large pool in their yard. As a bonus, the small size makes them a great energy-saving option.  

The Vacationer - Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pools are the most common pool types, and with good reason:  they’re low maintenance. Great for kids or those who simply prefer to enjoy swimming in their pool far more often than they need to clean it. 


The best news about fibreglass pools is that they can come in many of the styles so that you can lap, dive, or lounge, without the hassle of constantly looking after it. 

Federation Style Pool

The Bespoke - Concrete Pools

Have you got an oddly shaped backyard space where the standard rectangle shaped pool won’t suffice? Well, concrete might just be what you’re after. 

Concrete pools can be tailored to whatever size you desire. 

The Entertainer - The Spa

Add a touch of class to your outdoor area, no matter how big or small. Spas are the ideal option for anyone that’s tight on space, whether you’re in a house or apartment, but they also make a sophisticated addition to any larger backyard. Unwind after a tough day at the office, indulge in some me time once the kids have gone to sleep, or entertain guests, Spas are enjoyable all year round.  

Images: Freedom Pools. 

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