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What pool can I fit in a small backyard?


The great Australian backyard isn’t what it used to be - the old quarter acre is sadly but a distant memory.  

These days, 300m2 or less is what we have to work with. 

So with backyards getting smaller and smaller, how can we fulfil our dream of owning a pool without losing what small space we already have? 

Well, the good news is as backyards have gotten smaller, pool designs have adapted too.

But with so many different styles to fit any sized backyard, what kind of pool should you get?

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to:

1. Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is a great option if you have less space.

A plunge pool is a small pool, usually between 2 and 6m long, and between 2 and 3.5m wide which means you can find a size to fit in almost any backyard.

Let’s face it, most of us aren't training for the Olympics so even a pool of a few metres will do the job of cooling you as well as your house down.

Surrounded by some well-planned gardens and presto, your backyard is now an oasis!

Given they contain less water than a regular pool, they are also cheaper to maintain in terms of water use, cleaning and heating.


2. Spool/Swim Spa

Despite sounding like a new type of hybrid dog breed, a spool aims to combine the best of a pool and a spa in one.

Imagine enjoying a cool dip during Summer and a warm relaxing jet-fuelled massage in Winter.

A spool is about 3-4m long by about 3m wide and given their shape are perfectly suited to unusual shaped backyards.

Equipped with seats, a spool is the perfect investment in year-round relaxation.


3. Lap Pool

A lap pool is perfect if you have a narrow backyard.

Rectangular in shape, a lap pool can also fit snugly down the side of a house meaning a space that might otherwise be unsuitable for a garden is put to good use.

A lap pool ranges from about 9m long upwards.

Typically, they are less than 2m wide.

If you want to stay fit, a lap pool is the perfect swimming pool for your daily exercise routine. 


4. Garden Side Pool

Think of Bali and you’ll know the joy and relaxation of a garden side pool.

A garden side pool is usually as wide as it is long, give or take.

This means you’re not going to be swimming laps but you will be enjoying a nice refreshing dip with a nice refreshing juice. 🙂

Add water features and turn your garden side pool into a tropical paradise.  


5. Custom Pool

If you have an unusual shaped backyard, or just a really small backyard, then consider going free-form with concrete.

A concrete pool means you’re not locked to any pre-existing fibreglass design.

Given that a concrete pool needs to be constructed from scratch, expect a relative price tag but that could also be a saving if the alternative is to install a larger fibreglass pool.


There is no end to the amount of options you have when choosing a pool for your small backyard, so if you need some inspiration, visit the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living Expo and talk to the experts. Get your tickets from the homepage www.poolandspashow.com.au or at the door.


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