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Top 10 Outdoor Living Trends

Beautiful Outdoor living set

SPASA WA’s Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo is almost here, bringing together exhibitors from around Western Australia to showcase all the hottest trends for outdoor living in 2020. 


Featuring pools, spas, fancy furniture and more - exhibitors are here to show you how to live better outdoors. 


And better yet, we’ve created the perfect guide to help you create the perfect space to live the ultimate outdoor lifestyle.

1. Cacti: the easiest plants to keep alive

Designing a great outdoor environment should not come at the expense of precious family time. Cacti and succulents are in vogue around the world, and it's no wonder - they’re incredibly low maintenance and also look great! 


Cover your yard in stunning displays and enjoy the view, all from the comfort of your deck chair as you sit back and relax knowing you won’t have to hit up the tools or hose for a while. 


Find a team of landscaping and design experts at the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living Expo who will help you pick the perfect plants to complement the architectural integrity of your property. 

2. Shades on for endless sun

Wild warm weather should never mean needing to forgo fresh air, retreating indoors to the air conditioner. Work with movable shading to ensure your outdoor space is comfortable and your skin is protected, no matter the weather forecast. 


Umbrellas and other shade accessories are a simple solution to keep you and your family outdoors - rain or shine. 

Sunny Sky

3. A slice of outdoor heaven

The great Australian BBQ is facing a fierce rivalry with pizza. A pizza oven is a fantastic way to wow guests with tasty culinary creations as well as adding a different aesthetic to your outdoor environment. 


Pizza ovens give outdoor spaces an air of sophistication, while giving you an alternative to the standard outdoor BBQ. 


The Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living expo is your one stop shop for all your alfresco needs.

4. Switching Out Green for Grey

Stone finishings are seeing a surge in popularity, in particular as a replacement for grass around poolside areas. 


With unpredictable weather a regular in Australia, stone provides an excellent solution for low maintenance finishings that aren't dependent on rainfall for visual appeal. 

5. Install a Solar Pergola

Optimal outdoor living is all about working with your environment to create spaces that are functional all day and all year long. 


Solar pergolas give you the best of the winter sun while protecting you and your family from the harsh summer rays. 


Head to the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living expo to learn more about solar pergolas, patios, alfrescos, carports and decking options.

6. Boost Privacy Without Boxing Yourself In

Living outdoors should not mean living in your neighbours' peripheral vision, nor should your privacy mean boxing yourself in. 


Aluminium slat fencing is a great solution to keep airflow moving across your backyard while keeping unwanted attention on the other side of your fence.

7. Putting the Pool on Display

Pool safety is a serious consideration, but you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics. 


A glass fence is one of the best ways to show off your elegant outdoor pool, adding a level of class, without sacrificing safety. 


Find stylish, modern and durable fencing and balustrades at the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living expo


8. Lining Up For Limestone

There's nothing worse than outdoor flooring that increases the burning sting of the summer sun. 


Reconstituted limestone paving soaks up heat, keeping moderate temperatures under your feet all year long. 


Reconstituted limestone is also versatile and available in a wide range of colours to match the scheme of any outdoor living area.  

9. Rugging Up Outdoors

Don’t let cooler weather prevent you from enjoying outdoor space all year-round. 


Fire pits and fireplaces are a stunning addition to any backyard. 


To chat about all things outdoor living, find the experts at the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living expo.

10. Level it Up

Playing with levels in your landscaping not only looks nice - it gives you additional space for plants, shelving, steps, or whatever else you can dream of! 


Consider playing with levels in your landscaping to add a fresh, modern vibe to your outdoor area. 


Our landscape and design exhibitors can help you move beyond the limitations of your existing garden boundaries. 


Find everything you need to transform your backyard at the Pool, Spa & Outdoor Living Expo at Claremont Showground. Check our website for dates

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