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How to get your kids to put down the iPad

Muddy knees, soggy bathers and thongs (or flip flops if you’re not versed in Australian vernacular) made frequent appearances in many of our childhood experiences.

Nowadays, it seems that kids have swapped those countless hours spent playing outdoors for fun… on a couch. 

Are your kids a little “allergic” to the outdoors - more interested in picking up a screen than slip, slop, slapping on some sunscreen to go outside? 

A study by the Australian government found children of kindergarten age are spending more than 15 hours a week glued to the screen. 

This has worsened by the time they hit the teenage years doubling to almost 30 hours per week. 

This means your child could be spending more than a third of their waking hours beholden to a screen. 

The solution to your screen situation could be resolved with a backyard makeover.

Bring the beach to your backyard

Adding a pool to your property ensures your kids can remain entertained as long as the sun is shining.

Why drive all the way to the coast when you could enjoy endless water time in the comfort of your own backyard.

Imagine a shady backyard complete with your very own pool complete and BBQ area? Backyard entertainment has never looked so good!


Add a pool playdate to the calendar

Playdates aren’t just for kids, they’re also an excuse to catch up with your friends.

There's strength in numbers - join forces with other parents to encourage the kids to spend more time outdoors. 

More parent support means more ‘buy in’ from the kids, and more eyes on the pool means more shared supervision - it’s a win-win for everyone.

You might even find the lure of a pool sees the rellies keen to host Christmas lunch at your house to take advantage of your new pool - seems like a fair trade. 😄



Make family time an outdoor experience

A 2018 report found that 75 per cent of kids quit swimming classes by age eight. This means that kids are missing out on vital skills that could save their lives in the water.

Keep your kids confident in the water by jumping in with them. 

Create fun family games in your backyard pool that encourage your kids to enjoy swimming and make sure they maintain their swimming skills.

Old school favourites such as Marco Polo are great ways for your kids to practice holding their breath, as well moving safely in the water when visibility is low (or in this case, their eyes are closed).


A day out the whole family will enjoy

If you’re considering a backyard solution to your screen time problem, don’t miss the SPASA WA Pool, Spa & Outdoor Living Expo (check our website for dates) at the Claremont Showgrounds. 

The expo is full of family friendly activities, so the kids can stay entertained while you pick out the new addition to the backyard.

Packed with pools, spas, pool equipment and outdoor cooking appliances, you’re sure to find everything you need to make your backyard the ultimate playground.

There will also be the best in landscaping ideas if you want to spruce up the garden.

With a pool, your kids will have no excuse to stay indoors while the sun is shining. Get your kids off the iPad and outside enjoying life through real experiences.


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